“Three is enough” becomes a Worldwide Virtual Carrousel production and goes to the Bronx, NY

In the Bronx, the Pregones team have started adapting and rehearsing on “Three is enough”.

By the end of August 2010, they’ll have created five new scenes. All the new and original material will go to Lima, Peru.

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First Love at cc Merksem and at the Enter Festival

First Love plays: on Saturday, 25/09/2010 at 8:00 p.m. at the CC Merksem as part of the launch of Vila Cabral and on Friday, 12/11/2010 at the “Enter Festival in Bruges in the Biekorf.

Enter Festival
Enter is the first social-artistic festival in Flanders. ENTER presents theater, visual arts, dance and performances, and is also a meeting place and creative festival. In various labs  new participants from all over Flanders create idiosyncratic work.This first edition of ENTER will take place from November 10  til November 14, 2010 in cooperation of the  Central City Festival Bruges 2010.

Vila Cabral
Dreaming of far away lands, tasting the most diverse cultures, travelling and still remaining in your own district, but also considering the North-South relations in the world.
Over the past dozen years up associations, community centers, cultural houses, organizations, (high) schools and the university have put their weight behind this project. It grew each time into a unique program: epic movie, swinging performances, (de) exciting gaming activities, dinners and cooking workshops, original exhibitions, … all with emphasis on North-South issues.

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Eerste Liefde – First Love – Primer Amor

A co-operation between seniors worldwide.

The WVC – Worldwide Virtual Carrousel – is in full swing.

In May you can see the result at Sering.
Six regular Sering actors on stage.
They are virtually supported by testimonials,
crazy anecdotes, sonds and dances by octagenarians
from Lima, South Africa, the Bronx and Borgerhout.

I met him at the dance school. You feel it right away: dancing becomes something else. You float, you feel happy and warm.”
We walked for two hours and when we stood at the garden gate, I finally asked her. She said yes immediately, as if she knew all the time I was going to ask her.”
I was sixteen and lived in Leipzig. He was doing compulsory labour. We were in love. At the end of the war he had to return home. For a whole year I heard nothing from him. When the mail finally worked again, I wrote him and asked whether he had forgotten me. I got a flaming love letter back. He would come to get me. He kept his word and smuggled me to Belgium.”
We quickly got married because he had to go to Germany to work. In this way I could come too and we weren’t separated.”
It was war and that was terrible but we made a lot of fun. We cycled together on tyres that got punctured all the time. We put aside the table and danced and sang.”
We walked hand in hand. I felt that something was different. She did too, but she would or could not admit it.”

A glance, a dance, holding hands… The streets were dark. The girls had to get home early, and certainly shouldn’t linger too long at the front door. First love, often forever. 70, 75 years ago, but the memory is as alive as if it happened today.

A co-operation between Sering, Pregones Theater (Bronx, NY, USA), Arena y Esteras (Villa El Salvador, Peru) and Tswelopele Performing Artists (Tembisa, South Africa).

Play data: Friday 14, Saturday 15, Sunday 16 May
Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23 May
Friday 28, Saturday 29, Sunday 30 May, 2010

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The Worldwide Virtual Carrousel created a Protocol in 2009, formally linking Sering Theater (Belgium), Arenas y Esteras (Peru),  TSWEPA (South Africa) and Pregones Theater (United States).  Guest collaborators also included colleagues from Slovakia and the Netherlands.

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